10 Mistakes to Avoid on Facebook

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10 Mistakes to Avoid on Facebook

Facebook is a great marketing and PR medium where you could build brand loyalty among your customers and prospects constantly. However, it is also a place where you could destroy your brand unintentionally. Hence, be aware of these 10 common marketing mistakes while marketing your business Facebook Page.

Facebook is a great marketing and PR medium where you could build brand loyalty among your customers and prospects constantly. However, it is also a place where you could destroy your brand unintentionally.

Hence, be aware of these 10 common marketing mistakes while marketing your business Facebook Page.

1. When you’re Going Totally Out Of Point!

Your Facebook page must have a theme that is closely related to your brand. It must reflect what your brand sells or market to the world. You must share pictures and content that are related to the things in your industry. If you are selling cars, your content should be about cars and not about food or other things that are completely alienated from what your brand really is. However, till today, we can still see quite a number of Facebook brand pages going out of point. A sad case indeed.

2. Tag Your Friends to my Pictures Now!

Please never ever try to ask people to tag their friends to your pictures. Worse still, don’t give them a specific number of friends to tag in order to exchange some kind of gifts from you. Marketers may see that tagging is good as it can increase the brand’s exposure virally but actually, it just make things worse.

From a Facebook user’s point of view, it is very irritating when you are tagged into someone’s picture in which you are not inside. Out of a sudden, that funny “spammy” picture just appeared in your profile page without your permission. First thing probably you would do, is to unfriend the friend who tagged you to that picture; while secondly, you will block the company’s facebook page.

Hence, don’t abuse tagging as part of your marketing strategy.

3. Cute Funny Things are just too easy to be SHARED

Funny faces, funny animals, funny babies and many other cute funny looking things are the easiest thing to be shared on Facebook. People just love cute stuffs. However, if these things are not related to your brand, avoid putting them on your Facebook page at all costs.

If the cute things that are too cute for you to resist from sharing, you could share it in your personal facebook profile instead and not your business page. This is because it will look ultra unprofessional and your brand will lose its positioning in the consumers’ minds.

When it comes to business, stay focus. Funny, cute and unrelated stuffs, please stay away from it.

4. Welcome to my Advertisement Bulletin

Facebook gives your brand a personality or a voice in the social media world. Your brand speaks and interacts with your clients and prospects. You educate your fans on the benefits of your brand so that it would position your brand well in their minds.

However, don’t use Facebook as your advertisement bulletin.

You don’t have to constantly ask people explicitly through online offers and sales discounts; shouting them out in each and every single post of yours, to make people buy your stuffs.

Just remember, people don’t like to be sold. It is more of a pull marketing rather than a push marketing in today’s context. Hence, focus on educating and not hard selling.

5. Professors in the Making

By putting too much technical jargon or scientific terms in your Facebook page, is akin to hitting your head to a wall. Bad strategy.

Putting up too many profound stuffs on your Facebook page will make your page looks like a PHD textbook. Unless you want to make your Facebook fans professors and doctors, refrain from using complicated jargon in your posts.

6. Boring, boring, and just plain boring

Being boring could ‘kill’ your Facebook fans. It will make people perceive your brand as a super duper boring brand. Therefore, you must think of some interesting content that can make people like it, comment on it as well as share it among their friends. Think out of the box or look for ideas in other brands’ facebook pages so that you could come up with something more interesting of your own.

7. So what if Today’s is Your Boss’ Birthday?

People don’t care whether today is your boss’, your boss’ father’s, your boss’ brother’s or your boss’ cat’s birthday? People just don’t care whether your company has a party in Bali last night. People just want to know how your product or services is going to be of benefit to them? So, talk business and give your clients what they are looking for in your page.

Don’t share things like employees’ birthday, company outings and other nitty-witty stuffs. Well, sharing these things does make your company look very friendly like a good old neighbour next door, but in terms of business, it makes no sense at all.

8. Let it Rot. Who Cares?

Monitor your facebook page regularly. Sometimes you will get naughty competitors who put nasty and untrue comments about your brand on your timeline. So be alert. If the comments are untrue, report the users and ban him or her from commenting on your Facebook page forever.

Negative untrue comments can bring down the credibility of your brand. Hence you can’t let it rot and companies need to have a  social mediateam to constantly manage the brand reputation.

However if the negative comments are proved to be genuine, it is ok not to delete or hide them as spam. You could simply publish your apology openly to the said user so that this will make others perceived your brand as honest and transparent. Who in the world has no flaws? As a word of advice, do your own judgement in a case by case basis.

9. You must listen to me!

Till today, we still see some facebook pages, especially those of politicians or celebrity figures, being lack of the interaction element.

There is only a one way speech and not a two way dialogue. Brands would just behave like news anchor persons disseminating information. And when people gave their feedback, only the positive ones stayed and the negative ones, banned. There is hardly any dialogue between the brand and the fans. Such way of managing your brand facebook page may make your brand look unauthentic in the eyes of the Facebook users.

10. Free! Free! Freebies!!

Using free gifts, cool contests and lucky draws to entice people to like your Facebook page may be a good idea. However, don’t overdo it. It will make your brand look like a sugar daddy who always like to give away freebies.

There is a saying, “you’ll harvest what you grow.” By overdoing the freebies marketing, you will get a lot of non-loyal fans who are there for your free stuffs only, and not because they love your brand’s products and services.

Hence in summary, in order to be a very successful brand on Facebook, always try to avoid these marketing PR mistakes at all times. Good luck!