The Dawn of Communities in the Recruitment & Staffing Industry

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The Dawn of Communities in the Recruitment & Staffing Industry

Our client, Talent Rover ( has just released their newest product to accompany their platform: Communities. In a recent blog post their COO, Brandon Metcalf, talked about the massive opportunity this product represents to his industry. With the advent of these specialized hubs, we foresee Communities coming to every industry, helping to create data and foster relationships.

From the post:

Online communities are not LinkedIn replacements – that is still one of the best places to source new candidates. Rather, communities are private social hubs that aim to unify interactions among recruiters, clients and candidates into one system that is managed by the recruitment firm.

Think about the disparate digital channels that recruitment firms deal with today. Many have multiple self-service portals, which allow clients to submit timesheets, expense reports and other back office materials. Most have a website and blog that markets the firm. Communications are spread across phone conversations, email, social media sites, videos and other mediums.

In other words, there’s no single place where recruiters, clients and candidates ‘hang out’. Usually, firms don’t have the budget and staff to make a world class content marketing site – and the few that do still rely heavily on external social media to distribute content and facilitate discussion. Essentially, firms outsource relationship building – the core of their business – to technologies that lie beyond their control.

Ideally, online recruitment communities would put portals, content marketing and social media-style communication into one hub that is connected to the firm’s website, recruitment software and back office solution. If a candidate were to create a profile in that community, or land a temporary placement, that data would be automatically recorded in the recruitment software. With the community as a hub, the full suite of recruitment technologies become one connected entity.

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